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Exaggerated: Not How I Remember It

  • Fountain Street 460C Harrison Ave, Suite 2 BOSTON United States (map)

Associate Member Group Show, Curated by Daniel Zeese and Mia Cross

July 31 - August 25, 2019

Reception: First Friday, August 2, 2019 | 6:00 - 8:00 pm

The show of painting, photography, and mixed media highlights the unique abilities of artists to interpret and tell stories. Through visual imagery, specific details of a story are either recalled or forgotten, brought to light or buried, minimized or exaggerated. These portrayals tell us not only their importance within a story, but also what is significant to the individual doing the telling.


Artists have the ability to translate what they know through the language of art-making; what is remembered takes root in the act of creation. The duty of artists is to use their toolsets to reflect a distinct place, person, emotion, or story—muting some information while intentionally favoring aspects which become embedded as truths. In this, honesty equates to exaggeration. 



John Baker, Katherine Borkowski-Byrne, Robin Colodzin, John Daly, Linda DeStefano Brown, Traci Harmon-Hay, Nan Hass Feldman, Anita Loomis, Brigid McGivern, Pat Paxson, Anne Sargent Walker, and Tracy Spadafora.

Linda DeStefano Brown, Dissolving, digital photograph

Later Event: August 14
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